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  • Q How to do if the machine is unable to start operation?

    1.Rotate 1/4 circle to right to loose.
    2.Adjust the gap 
    3.Check if the control circuit is loose.
    4,Check if Parameter setting is error.
  • Q Why does the frequency converter communication fail?

    2.The voltage of power supply exceeds or falls below the specified value.
    3.Check the abnormal code of frequency converter.
  • Q Why our 650 series of roller ironer can match the groove ironer?

    1.High speed-The fastest speed can be up to 60meters per minute
    2.Low energy consumption---the steam consumption of sheet is about 390kgs per hour, the electricity consumption is about 3 degree per hour.
    3.High efficiency---Working with CLM feeder and fast folding machine , can iron the max qty of sheet is 1200pcs/hour, and the bed cover is 850pcs.
  • Q What is the material difference between our ironer and other suppliers’?

    A We adopt high quality boiler carbon steel with better performance of heat conduction, while others use stainless steel. The heat conductivity of boiler carbon steel is 2.5times than stainless steel.
  • Q How to save the steam consumption efficiently?

    A Computer control and programmable design, accordingly to the working of ironing machine, freely set the ironing machine’s steam supply time when pre-heating, working, mid-rest, off duty. Adopt the effective management of steam use, can reduce the steam consumptions effectively. Compared the common ironing machine, the steam consumption is reduced nearly to 25%.  
  • Q How to realize OVP (Over Voltage Protection)?

    1,Increase deceleration time
    2,Add braking resistor
    3,Inspect input voltage
  • Q How often do Conveyor belts have to be maintained?

    A Conveyor belt is the wearing part of the machine, so the maintenance is particularly important, we suggest maintain them one time/week. Its purpose is that the local temperature of conveyor belt will not be too high to affect its life, and carefully check if the steel needle of each buckle is misplaced.
  • Q What is the main oiling mode for the machine?

    A This is the big advantage different from other suppliers . There is an automatic oiling device that can automatically refill the main parts regularly to avoid machine problems due to personnel negligence? 
  • Q Is there any special request for the personals of Installation, wiring, repairs, inspections, and replacement of parts ?

    A Installation, wiring, repairs, inspections, and replacement of parts should be performed by professionals who are familiar with the installation, calibration, and repair of folding machine.
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