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ALM launched a brand new trade benchmarking platform. LaundryMarksTM by ALM, throughout the Clean Show here.

ALM says LaundryMarks offers dynamic, customizable information to produce the complete laundry trade. It is not simply association members, with unjust, updated near-real-time business intelligence. 

Through trade comparisons in welcome, healthcare, and industrial facilities, the LaundryMarks platform can drive business performance for each single and multi-location laundries which is consistent with ALM. The info is processed through a secure, robust, digital system.

"ALM saw a desire for unjust and updated business intelligence. And thus it created a major investment to develop this fashionable benchmarking platform that gives perpetually updated which is customizable and straightaway accessible data." says David conductor, president of propellor solutions cluster, chair of the benchmarking task force and member of the ALM board of administrators. 

LaundryMarks was a labor of affection through a year of intense work. It is

by a passionate team of full-fledged trade specialists representing a broad spectrum of laundry varieties. I' m assured the knowledge gained from LaundryMarks can advance business performance across the complete laundry trade.

LaundryMarks generates reports on a good form of industry-specific key performance indicators within the areas of production, work force potency, utilities and safety and quality. 

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The custom report is filtered by location, pounds processed, line of products, level of automation and quite fifteen different user-customizable factors. The report gives information essential for determinative opportunities for improvement, which is designing resources, investments, building a business arrange and consistent with the association.

"By introducing LaundryMarks, ALM is giving the trade a sound operational tool to equip every laundry with the info essential to drive performance and enhancements in potency, safety and quality." says ALM executive Linda Fairbanks.

ALM says LaundryMarks provides the laundry trade with insights into similar organizations'  performance and the way they fill in comparison.  Previous written benchmarking reports aren' t any longer obtainable. And this dynamic new platform is intended for the digital age, consistent with the association.