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The Next Generation of Suspended Industrial Washers

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According to their design, the new generation of suspended industrial washers have a very long useful life, offering the best possible washing results.

tunnel washer

The use of industrial washing machines is common in self-service laundries. The first of its characteristics that attracts attention is its size. You can find industrial washing machines with capacities that exceed 60 kilos of load, but in the case of self-service laundries the usual is to find washing machines that usually have a capacity of between 9 and 19 kilos of clothes. This large capacity allows you to do all the laundry of one family at a time, thus saving time and money.


The industrial washing machines work with industrial detergents, which helps to leave the clothes in optimal conditions of cleanliness and hygiene. The special formulation of this type of soap makes them milder on the garments and also with the washing machines, leaving less waste that can cause breakdowns.


The new generation industrial type washing machines have been designed to maximize productivity, so that their water and light consumption is really efficient, getting that this type of supplies are saved with each washing cycle. The tunnel washer system further improves the efficiency of the entire machine.

Being manufactured for intensive use, its useful life is much higher than that of domestic washing machines. Also, in terms of amortization, the repair of these washing machines is more viable and cheaper than the repair of a domestic washing machine, there being no great problems to find spare parts.

Another characteristic of this new generation industrial washing machines is that they allow a more efficient washing cycle. In this way the laundry is washed in less time than it takes to wash a domestic washing machine.

All these features including the tunnel washer make industrial washing machines a good option to save time and money.

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