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Commercial Laundry Equipment

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You might have washer dryer and iron at your place. Nevertheless, these things need someone to use and handle them. They do not have a remote system. For that reason, they cannot be used for a commercial laundry business. So, the commercial laundry industry has to go for the automatic laundry equipment. This equipment is advanced, and it works as a laundry tunnel machine. The commercial laundry tunnel washer is present in it. The laundry tunnel washer manufacturers do not compromise on the quality as they want to grow their business.


Commercial Laundry Equipment

At present, we are going to provide the rigors that the commercial laundry places in the machines so that they can work efficiently. 

Load Capacity

The commercial laundry equipment has a good load capacity. Its capacity starts from 5 kg to 130 kg. The laundry tunnel machine in the advanced laundry machinery is made up of stainless steel due to which it can handle weight easily. Moreover, it features various programs to cope up with diverse fabrics and washes. On the other hand, the commercial laundry tunnel washer can wash clothes in minimum water.

Iron Rollers

High efficient iron rollers are important for the commercial laundry. The commercial equipment contains such efficient rollers that can iron big items in a short time. The length of these rollers can go up to 2 meters. Some machinery might have automatic stackers, folders, or feeders. These rollers can not only handle heavy items but also the delicate ones. Whether it is a shirt or a soft cloth, these iron rollers can do the ironing carefully. These rollers complete their work in just a couple of seconds.

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