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New Efficient Commercial Washer-Extractor

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The new efficient commercial washer extractor is a technologically improved tunnel washing machine designed with lots of features to ensure a highly efficient laundry service. These computerized industrial laundry machines are designed in such a way that they can process large volumes of similar fabrics on a continuous basis. This continuous batch washer is designed with a reduced amount of water and little or no labor input.

This washing device is designed with a long metal tube called a tunnel, known as the laundry tunnel with a huge metal spiral or Screw that runs through tunnel center, dividing it into sections called “pockets”.

Tunnel Washer

How does the tunnel washing machine work?

When the screw partially rotates and reverses, it helps to provide the agitation movement which is needed for the fabrics present in the pocket. The screw then makes a one complete rotation that is after allotted amount of time has passed. This helps to move the linens forward into the next pocket. This procedure forces the linen to move from one end of the tunnel to the next one. As the clean line moves continuously out of the other, the continuously goes into one end of the tunnel.


Let's have a look at them thus:

· Fully automatic, microcomputer-regulator, freely programmable, 30 possible programs, operator could set flexible.

· High quality stainless steel, good appearance, long life.

· The complete suspension shock structure, shaking, low noise, shock absorption combination and springs for maximum absorption, do not need any excessive foundation.

· Imported, accurate and durable transportation.

· Fixed support of screws for long distance transportation, avoid shaking damage during transit.

· High quality inverted system, easily perform wash and step removal of the frequency setting less.

· Multiple sealing system, oil sealing, water sealing, stainless steel sealing.

· Built-out carrying lubrication, simple operation, convenient maintenance.

· Safety door security device system, reduce fatigue, misuse and risk.


Competitive advantage of the efficient industrial washing machine 50kg water machine extractor the washing machine:

· Long-term offer OEM service for renowned customers in the washing machine industry.

· Inspection strict in each product process: inspection of material inspection process (IQC) (IPQC) and final inspection (FQC)

· The product is mature, the repair rate is low.

· Have a strong R & D, customers get new technology easily.

· Less investment, makes a quick change.

· Quality and guaranteed service.

· Product specification of 50kg efficient industrial washing machine, washer extractor water machine.

· The use of the efficient tunnel washer is important for: laundry, hostel, troop, hospital, hotel, bleaching and dyeing factory, large and medium size company and service field to wash various fabrics made of cotton, wool, linen and chemical fiber.

The tunnel washer is quite a large device and would need enough space for storage and installation. Before making your choice it is important to put this factor into consideration.

There has been some improvements made by laundry tunnel washer manufacturers. Today, we have modern tunnel washers with microprocessor controls that can adjust and monitor the chemical levels in the individual pockets. This is sure to increase the efficiency of the entire laundry process.