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B&R central control system B&R central control system

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Model: Brand: CLM

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Product Description

The technical features of B&R central control system:

1.B&R is a automatic centralized control management system which control the operation of the whole tunnel washing system, and accurate understanding each cabin internal operation of the tunnel washer, so that can  meet the requirements of different cloth washing         

2. Built-in 99 Kinds of washing procedures, synchronously record 999 customer information, synchronously display all the information in the washing process and the state of mechanical operation.such as the weight of the linen, washing time, temperature and so on         


3. The B&R equipped with large screen,and with humanized operation interface, so that convenient for the entire tunnel washing system control, management, programming        


4. Intuitive color icons show that operators can understand and manage the operation software intuitively  

5. All information can generate spreadsheets and data, which can be printed out and saved.         


6. We are the first and only adopt the B&R SYSTEM which can support remote technology through internet  in China, with  customer authorization, CLM can provide online monitoring, monitoring, equipment fault diagnosis and troubleshooting for customers