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Pillowcase Folder

Pillowcase Folder Pillowcase Folder

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Model: ZTZD-3300VBrand: CLM

  • Product Description

1、High Speed
Max folding speed 60M/min
2、Run Smoothly
Extremely lower folding failure and linen blocked ratio ,only need 2 minutes to take it out once it happen.
3、Better Stability
Good rigidity of the whole machine ,all the transmission parts with higher precision ,and all the parts are imported from the abroad famous brand .
Not only suit for folding and stacking bed sheet,but also suit for folding and stacking pillowcase,and provide two folding patterns.

01/Control System
1、CLM Pillowcase Folder adopt the  Mitsubishi PLC control system ,which bring higher accuracy control for folding, and 7 inch colorful touch screen very easy to access ,with 20 kinds of folding programs  and  can storage over 100 customer data information.
2、CLM control system become more and more mature by persistent software updating,the HMI is very easy access and support 8 different languages at the same time .
3、CLM control system with remote control ,and trouble-shooting ,software updating through networking (Single machine only option)
4、Through program lineage CLM rapid folder can combine work with CLM feeder and ironer.

02/ Muti-function
1,CLM pillowcase folder is a muti-function machine ,not only suit for folding and stacking bed sheet and quilt,but also suit for folding and stacking pillow case.
2,CLM pillowcase folder provide two folding patterns,one for cross folding .another for ten cross folding.
3,CLM pillowcase folder not only equipped with stacker for bed sheet & quilt,but also equipped with stacker and automatic conveyor for pillowcase,so the operator no need to running about the production line, reduce labor intensity and increase automation.
4.Automatic folding and stacking the pillowcase, Max speed 3000pcs /Hour.

03/Long Fold
1,CLM rapid folder provide 2 long fold or 3 long fold ,and the max long fold width is 3300mm
2,The long fold by air knife which can automatic adjust the blowing time according to different linen thickness and weight.
1st long fold
2nd long fold
3. To peel the linen off each long fold ,we equipped air blowing device which not only  preventing the excessive static electricity lead to higher rejecting folding ratio ,but also prevent the line tangle into the long roller which cause folding failure.

04/Cross Fold
1,CLM pillowcase folder with design of three cross fold ,Max cross fold size is 3600 mm,so even the largest sheets can be folded very smoothly.
2,The three cross fold adopt the design of mechanical knife,which bring neatly folding with high quality.
3,For the third cross fold,we design two air cylinders on both sides of one roller,so the two rollers can automatic separated from each other when the linen was blocked here,so it can be easy pick the blocked linen out.
4,There are design open structure for the fourth and fifth cross fold,easy for checking and troubleshooting.
3600mm. Max cross fold size
3rd cross fold
4th cross fold
5th cross fold

05/Sturdy Structure
1,CLM pillowcase folder was adopt the overall welding for the body structure,each of the long roller was processed with high  precision.
2,Maximum folding speed 60M/min,For bed sheet maximum folding 3000Pcs/hour
3,All electrical and pneumatic components , bearing and motor are imported from Japan and Europe.

CLM pillowcase folder/main technical parameters






MAX Folding Width(mm)

Single lane


Sheet &quilt

Four lanes


Ten Cross Folding for Pillow Case

Lanes for pillowcase



Stacking quantity(Pcs)



Lanes for pillow case



Max Folding Speed


Air Pressure(Mpa


Air Consumption(L/min)


Voltage (V/HZ)


3 Phase



Including Stacker

Dimension(mm) :



Including Stacker



Including Stacker