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Hanging Storage And Sorting System Hanging Storage And Sorting System

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  • Product Description


Product Description

The main technical characteristics of Hanging storage and sorting system:

 (1) Different kinds of dirty linen are sorted, after weighing, the conveyor will quickly load the classified dirty linen into the hanging bag.

(2) The dirty linen which into the hanging bag will be program controlled , and in batches, it will be washed  in the tunnel washer.

(3) The clean linen will be transported into the hanging bag of cleaning cloth when finished the washing, pressing and drying, delivered by control program to the specified ironing , folding position.

(4) The hanging bag worked the storage and automatic transmission, which effectively reduce the labor intensity.

(5) The standard bear weight of CLM hanging bag is 60KG.

(6) CLM sorting table fully considers the comfort of the operator, the delivery inlet is the same level with body, save the space.