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CLM Super Roller Ironer(650 Series) CLM Super Roller Ironer(650 Series)

1.High speed, up to 60 meters per minute
2.Low energy consumption, only 390kgs steam and 3 Kw electricity per hour.
3.High efficiency, up to 1200 sheets, and 850 bed covers/hour.

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Model: GYP-3500Z-650Brand: CLM

  • Product Description

Super roller ironer(650 Series)


National initiative national patent, PINGAN insurance

1.High speed-The fastest speed can be up to 60meters per minute

2.Low energy consumption---the steam consumption of sheet is about 390kgs per hour, the electricity consumption is about 3 degree per hour.

3.High efficiency---Working with CLM feeder and fast folding machine , can iron the max qty of sheet is 1200pcs/hour, and the bed cover is 850pcs.

6 reasons of high speed:


1, Reason of high speed 1: Adopt high quality boiler carbon steel with better performance of heat conduction. The heat conductivity of boiler carbon steel is 2.5times than stainless steel.

2, Reason of high speed 2:The thickness of roller is 10-11mm, and can bear pressure 1mpa steam pressure, which ensure safety operation and big heating storage cylinder wall guarantees the heating balance and ironing flatness of linen.,3Reason of high speed 3, Heavy structure design, both sides of cabinet up to 12mm thickness. The whole machine is 11tons. It is processed by imported CNC laser cutting machine and assures the strength and precision.

4, Reason of high speed 4:All structure and cabinet adopt heavy design.Cylinder and all types of roller adopt precision machining that assures the ironing speed up to 55m per minute.

5, Reason of high speed 5:At the entrance of roller there are 4 pieces of flexible hold-down rollers, which can take 30% moisture out of the linen.

6, Reason of high speed 6:270 degree linen contact with roller, adopting two sides ironing design improves the working efficiency and lower cost. Especially improving the ironing quality of quilt cover.


The design of energy saving:


1.The motor power of whole machine is only 4.4KW, and adopt the frequency conversion design.

2.The two sides of rollers, the surrounding area of cabinet and all steam pipes had been constructed to keep the warn, the steam consumption is down by 5%.

 3.Computer control and programmable design, accordingly to the working of ironing machine, freely set the ironing machine’s steam supply time when pre-heating, working, mid-rest, off duty. Adopt the effective management of steam use, can reduce the steam consumptions effectively. Compared the common ironing machine, the steam consumption is reduced nearly to 25%.  

Safety design:

1.The roller is made of boiler carbon steel, the pressure resistance is better than stainless steel.

2.The thickness of roller is 10-11mm, and the design of  bear pressure is 1.5mpa , test pressure is 1.2mpa, the max working pressure is 1mpa, Safe and realiable.

3.The relief valve is designed at the entrance of total steam inlets, as long as the supply of steam pressure is more than 1mpa, the control system is into work. Automatically shut down the steam supply of whole machine, until the steam pressure returned  normal.


High quality flatness design

1.The surface of all rollers are grinded and processed , high finish,  which effectively improve the ironing quality of cloth.

2.Three sets of rollers are all designed double-sides ironing ,which effectively ensure the ironing quality.

3.Partial rollers adopt “ no small guide belt “design, eliminate the marks of small guide belt, improve the flatness quality.

4. All ironing belts have tension function, which automatically adjust the tensions of belt, improve the ironing quality.

The stability design:


1.Heavy structure design, and the whole machine is 11tons.

2.All guide rollers are high precision special steel pipe processed by fine machining, which effectively ensure the ironing quality, avoiding guide belt slant.

3.The main components of main electric appliance, pneumatic components, transmission parts, ironing belts all all high-quality imported.


The main technical parameters of high speed roller ironer


Model & Specs

GYP VI(6 rollers)

Length of ironing rollermm


Diameter of ironing rollermm


Ironing speedm/min


Steam pressureMpa


Motor powerkw


Overall weightkg


Exterior dimension