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Dewatering Pressor Dewatering Pressor

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Model: YT-60MBrand: CLM

  • Product Description


Product Description

1.Adopt frame structure design, more firm and durable than other brand structure dewatering machine.

2.Presses basket adopt 304 stainless steel material with good quality, the thickness is reach to 26mm, special process with precision machining, more firm and durable.

3.The maximum pressure of water bag is reach to 63Pma, can make the drying time more faster, saving more energy.

4.The hydraulic system adopt modular, integrated design, the electro-hydraulic proportional pump adopt USA PARK, low noisy, saving energy, low heating.

5.Modular PLC control, operator can programme and monitor the running state of equipment by graphical operation interface.

6.All electrical, pneumatic components and water bag are all adopt Germany, Japan brands.

Press type dewatering machine



Max loading weight(Kg)


Water pressure(Bar)

Water pipe size

Water consumption(Kg)