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CLM tunnel washer system general introductions

CLM tunnel washer system is high efficiency, used the integrated washer system, can realized one person loading, automatic and continuous washing, drying, automatic discharge programs. It combines with loading system, tunnel washer, press system, convey system and drying system.

CLM industrial washing machine features


Higher capacity


Higher press and dehydrated rate


Faster drying time


Lower water




Steam consumption


Lower damage rate of linen


More stable operation

CLM continous batch washers advantages

Large batch---- 26-30 batches per hour
Low water consumption----The minimum water consumption of linen per kg is 6.3L
Low breakage rate----Less than 3 parts per million
Saving electricity----Electricity consumption is less than 80KW per hour
Saving labor----Only one person to operate

CLM continous washing machine pursuits

The higher capacity
The higher press and dehydrated rate
The faster drying time
More stable operation
The lower water, electricity, steam consumption
The lower damage rate of linen.

Auxiliary Machinery

Tunnel Washer
Dewatering Pressor
Tumbler Dryer
Loading Conveyor
The Shuttle Conveyor
Lint Collector
Hanging Storage And Sorting System
B&R Central Control System

1. PLC control system, internet, can realize remote trouble shoot, remote software program

2. Bottom transmission -reduce congestion and damage to linen.

3. Heavy duty structure design,

4. more safety and lower noisy during running.

5. Lower water consumption

1. Frame structure design, more firm and durable

2. Presses basket adopt 304 stainless steel , thickness 26mm , more firm and durable.

3. MAX pressure of water bag  63Pma,

4. Modular PLC control,

1. Transmission more accurate, stable, positive

2. Lower entanglements.

3. Adopt stainless steel heater ,the heating efficiency is more faster

4. Steam pressure is 0.7-0.8Mpa,  drying time Max 23 minutes.

5. Steam heating and gas heating is available.

1. Automatic weighing system.

2. Humanization design.

1. Gantry frame structure design

2. Double layers structure design, efficiency double

3. "Touch protection unit"designed, safety !

4. Accurate &smooth transport.

1. The lint collected system of CLM tunnel washer is standard configuration.

2. Manual setting, automatic cleaning, avoid unsmooth of air duct, improve the drying efficiency.

1. Automatic sorting and classified dirty linen

2. The clean linen automatic sent to the flatwork place

3. Reduce the labor intensity.

4. CLM hanging bag is 60KG.

5. save space.

1.  Adopt B&R automatic centralized control management system

2. Built-in 99 Kinds of washing procedures,

3. Equipped with large screen,

4. B&R SYSTEM support remote technology through internet

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